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Read "Winnie the Witch" by Anthony Clark available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Winnie the Witch uses her magic to. Enjoy a multitude of madcap adventures with Winnie the Witch and her black cat, Wilbur! Valerie Thomas and Laura Owen's wonderfully crafted tales of magical misadventure, coupled with Korky Paul's distinctive illustrations have inspired millions of young readers around the world. Winnie's celebrating her birthday with a garden party. Using her magic she invites the guests and transforms her garden. There are presents to unwrap and.

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Winnie The Witch Ebook

Winnie's Midnight Dragon (Winnie the Witch) eBook: Korky Paul, Valerie Thomas: Books. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Winnie the witch has a black house. The interior of Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Children's eBooks. Winnie and Wilbur: The Pirate Adventure (Winnie the Witch) - Kindle edition by # in Teen & Young Adult Literature & Fiction eBooks; # in Teen.

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Winnie the Witch by Valerie Thomas

Winnie the Witch - Winnie the Witch lives in a black house. She has black chairs and black stairs, black floors and black doors. And that is how the trouble begins! The Big Bad Robot - When Winnie the Witch makes a cardboard robot, she is very proud of her creation and decides to turn it into a real robot.

BIG mistake!

The Broomstick Ride - Winnie loves travelling by broomstick. When the sky starts filling up with other flying machines and Winnie and Wilbur have a few crashes, Winnie gets inventive Especially if they describe adventures of the adored Winnie the Witch and her cat Wilbur.

This time Winnie finds it hard to see her black cat in her black house, with black chairs, black carpets, a black bed and even a black bath. She sits on him and she trips over him. Winnie the Witch uses her magic power and makes her cat bright green, but it is not a perfect solution especially when Wilbur sits in the grass.

Through waving her wand five times she makes Wilbur a five-coloured cat, what does not make him happy and obviously she hates when he is miserable.

She finds another solution which allows her to keep Wilbur black. The first picture book in the brilliant series about Winnie is a wonderful read for children in Reception and KS1 classes.

Marvellous and very detailed pictures by an award - winning illustrator Korky Paul make this book worth exploring time and again. Children can enjoy both discovering various aspects of the illustrations as well as listening to this funny and engaging story. Highly recommended. Jan 07, carpe librorum: This never fails to entertain a child.

Winnie the Witch

Boy or girl, they all love to participate in the reading, waving their imaginary wands as Winnie casts one of her colorful spells. Sep 30, Beth rated it really liked it. There is a range of Winnie and Wilbur books, this is my favourite. Winnie's house is all black and so is Wilbur. Winnie keeps losing and stepping on Wilbur so she's uses her magical wand to turn him green, then multicoloured. Wilbur doesn't like to be all these different colours, so in the end she uses her magic wand to turn her house multicoloured and Wilbur back to black.

Very fun story. Introduces the concept of camouflage. Sep 27, Max Lawson rated it liked it. Winnie the Witch is a children's story first published in It is another classic childrens book I remember being read to me as a child, and that, to my delight, has since been made into a series of story books that tell the tales and mishaps of Winnie the Witch and her black cat Wilbur.

This particular edition tells the story of Winnie the rather clumsy witch. It begins describing her house, it is completely black including all the decorations and furniture. The trouble starts when Winnie ge Winnie the Witch is a children's story first published in The trouble starts when Winnie gets her cat Wilbur, who is also black.

When Wilbur is awake Winnie can see his bright green eyes. But when Wilbur falls asleep Winnie can no longer see him, and so sits on and trips over him several times. To combat this, Winnie waves her magic wand and turns Wilbur bright green. This solved the problem of Winnie not seeing Wilbur in the house, but when she puts him outside on the green grass she trips over him again!

To solve the problem once and for all, Winnie has an idea. To Wilbur's horror she waves her wand and turns him multi-coloured.

Winnie the Witch

Although this solved Winnie's problem, it makes Wilbur miserable. He looks ridiculous and hides up a tree, but even the birds laugh at him! WHen Wilbur won't come down from the tree Winnie becomes worried and turns him black again. To solve her problem Winnie has one final idea. She waves her magic wand and makes her house multi-coloured, so she can see Wilbur and everybody can be happy.

I have found that young children love being read this book as a class. The repetitive nature of WInnie waving her magic wand and shouting abra cadabra provides an opportunity to involve the children in the story and they can chant it back. The vivid and dominating large-scale illustrations are intricate and detailed, and children get lost in the small detail.

They often point out things in the illustrations that as an adult you have not seen. The story itself can be used to illustrate empathy to children, and being considerate of others. It can show them the sometimes adverse effects of our decisions, and the impact we can have on others' lives.

Winnie the Witch

Oct 13, Nicola Devine rated it it was amazing. Winnie the Witch is one of my favourite childhood stories. It tells the story of Winnie, the witch, who lives in her black house with her cat Wilbur who is also black and that is how the trouble begins! The only way Winnie can see Wilbur is when he is awake as his eyes are green. Thus, the trouble arises when Wilbur tries to go for a catnap. When Wilbur does this he becomes invisible to Winnie's eyes and so she ends up either sitting on him or falling over him constantly.

One day Winnie has a br Winnie the Witch is one of my favourite childhood stories. One day Winnie has a bright idea, she imagines what if Wilbur were a different colour? Winnie uses her magic powers to transform Wilbur into a green cat and so she believes her problem is solved.

That is until Wilbur decides to go into the long green grass We then discover that Winnie is going to need a lot of magic to make sure she can always see Wilbur.

I love this book and as I mentioned earlier it is one of my childhood favourites. One of the reasons for this is that the big magical book is a fantastically illustrated story with a funny story-line and a colourful final twist and for these reasons I would recommend this book for Key Stage 1, as I think the younger age groups would thoroughly enjoy and appreciate these elements.

I think it would be an excellent resource to utilise when reading to a group due to the sheer size of the book. In doing so it would help to relate the books content back to their own personal lives and would also help them to identify with Winnie in terms of the difficulties which can arise when minding pets and how to overcome these difficulties.

Apr 18, Zareen rated it it was amazing. The chairs, staircase, doors and floors are all black. She turns him green but Winnie has trouble finding him when he goes outside in the long grass! After trying several different colours, and subsequent problems occurring, she finally decides to…change the colour of her castle and Wilbur gets to stay his original black colour.

The ending surprises the reader with a colourful twist. Winnie casts a spell and the castle transforms to a colourful place.

This book is filled with glorious detailed images, fantasy, and wild excitement and bursting at the seams with laughter. A magical read. I think this is such a cute book. I picked it up at a used book store because my mom has this thing for witches, but I decided to keep it because I liked it so much. I didn't realize till rating it that there were more Winnie the Witch books.

Library, here I come! Sep 30, Jess rated it really liked it.

Valerie Thomas has a huge collection of Winnie the Witch books which all have the same level of a beautifully-crafted story filled with twists. Winnie is a very adorable character. The stories written about Winnie and Wilbur are appealing to young children. Throughout the story, the children are intent on finding Wilbur and guessing the colour he will be on the next page.

The illustrations throughout the book are very detailed and filled with bright colours. Winnie infamously is always dressed i Valerie Thomas has a huge collection of Winnie the Witch books which all have the same level of a beautifully-crafted story filled with twists. Winnie infamously is always dressed in the same outfit; a blue dress with blue shoes, a blue hat, and orange and yellow striped tights.

Although Winnie dresses in bright, bold colours her house is decorated completely in black. Where Wilbur is a black cat it provides some difficulty for Winnie to always see him. Filled with magic, fun and laughter, Winnie and Wilbur go on a humorous journey to make sure Winnie can always see him.

Such an amazing collections of books and should definitely be read with sons, daughters and classes! May 30, Lily rated it it was amazing. Although my daughter and I are both massive fans of all of the Winnie the Witch books, this is by far our favourite! We are also both cat lovers, and we own a black cat, so can relate heavily to the story and find it hilarious!

We have read this book multiple times and will continue to do so. Please note you will need to login or register to access our free eBook library. Winnie's Bubble Trouble. In 'Winnie's Bubble Trouble', Winnie magics up a bubble so she can drift away from all the mess in her house. In this Read with Oxford Stage 6 storyteller video, Wilbur and Scruff the dog both try to show Winnie the Witch who is the best furry friend.

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