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BAW01 V1. Note .) LED Backlight with driving circuit design. Customer. Date . Checked &. Approved by. Date. Note: This Specification is subject to change. Product Specification AU OPTRONICS CORPORATION () Preliminary Specifications (V) Final Specifications Module Model Name Note () ” WSVGA Color TFT-LCD with LED Backlight design BAW01 V0 LED. Product Specification AU OPTRONICS CORPORATION () Preliminary Specifications (V. AUO BAW01 V1 datasheets, stocks, suppliers. a-Si TFT-LCD inch × nit (Typ.) K colors 60Hz WLED LVDS (1 ch, 6-bit).

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AUO BAW01 V0 datasheet 2 files, stocks, suppliers. a-Si TFT-LCD, ', ×, nit, (Typ.) AUO BAW01 Datasheets Download. Part Number: BAWV0, AUO, File Type: PDF, Document: BAWV0 PDF WSVGA Color TFT-LCD, Datasheet pdf search site for electronic. BAWV2 Datasheet PDF Download - | [email protected] | - FORTEC (9 ct. pro Minute) Product Specification.

Handling Precautions Product Specification 1 Since front polarizer is easily damaged, pay attention not to scratch it. Long contact with water may cause discoloration or spots. Otherwise the TFT Module may be damaged. It can prevent electrostic breakdown. All input signals are LVDS interface compatible. BXW02 V2 is designed for a display unit of notebook style personal computer and industrial machine. Vertical Stripe Normally White typ. Power Consumption [Watt] 5.

(PDF) B089AW01-V2 Datasheet Download

Otherwise the TFT Module may be damaged. It can prevent electrostic breakdown. All input signals are LVDS interface compatible. BXW02 V2 is designed for a display unit of notebook style personal computer and industrial machine. Vertical Stripe Normally White typ.

B089AW01-V0 Datasheet

Power Consumption [Watt] 5. In order to stabilize the luminance, the measurement should be executed after lighting 1 2 Maximum Brightness of five points Minimum Brightness of five points Maximum Brightness of thirteen points Minimum Brightness of thirteen points BXW02 V2 Document Version : of 31 8 Backlight for 30 minutes in a stable, windless and dark room, and it should be measured in the center of screen.

Note 6: Definition of contrast ratio: Contrast ratio is calculated with the following formula.

Refer to figure as below. For the next two, I picked, mostly at random, what looked like close matches based only on model number and resolution. One worked perfectly that way, and one had some nasty looking random static but still worked until I switched to another guess. At this point I'm down to the panels that have no close analogues in their database. However, all is not lost.

Apparently as long as you're looking at a LVDS connector, there aren't actually that many different ways of sending signals to a display. What the documentation suggests is that you find a datasheet for the panel in question and find out how it's sending data there are only a few choices, 6 or 8 bit and single or dual channel IIRC.

Then it's just a matter of picking another file that happens to match that spec and resolution and trying it. So that's where I am now. I've already done one that way successfully, and am starting on the others now.

When I'm done I'll try to share more of my experiences, as well as the resources I've found. Do some of the panels you have use LEDs backlight? Maybe you could provide us with the list of the panels that works fine: that would be invaluable data to us!

What about the connection going to the LCD Panels? They are all the same and matched?

AUO R01 datasheet & applicatoin notes - Datasheet Archive

I thought there is some variety out there, no? I've attached a photo of the controller attached to one of the panels, though I'm sure you've seen these before. On the left the the controller itself, with the VGA and power cables connected, and wires to the button panel, backlight inverter and LCD.

Note that the button panel for the 3xxx and 5xxx series has only 5 buttons. The 6xxx series has 7 buttons because that includes audio controls as well. They are all on the same PCB, and you can see on the board where some components notably 4 medium sized capacitors and a IC are missing on mine because it's not the audio version.

This is relevant because the header for the button panel is 10 pins on the board, and the connector for the button panel I'm using is only 9 pins, with 8 used.

They shipped it assembled, but be careful to note this if you ever unplug the panel, as it aligns onto the leftmost 7 pins of the header.

The inverter in the photograph is of course the narrow PCB assembly on the bottom. Every single laptop LCD I've seen has the exact same 2-prong CCFL connection and single bulb setup, always along the bottom edge, so that's an easy one.

Desktop monitors tend to use 3-pin connectors and run in pairs or in sometimes in quads for larger screens. This board can drive them all I think, but I only got the laptop version.

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So, the backlight header on the main controller board has 6 pins. Unless brightness and contrast settings are completely controlled by the color of the pixels in the LCD which is possible, I honestly don't know I'm thinking that with the ENA lead must be more than juston or off.

Definition of viewing angle Viewing angle is the measurement of contrast ratio 10, at the screen center, over a horizontal and vertical range off-normal viewing angles. The measurement direction is typically perpendicular to the display surface with the screen rotated about its center to develop the desired measurement viewing angle. Functional Block Diagram The following diagram shows the functional block of the Absolute Maximum Ratings Product Specification An absolute maximum rating of the module is as following: 4.

Electrical characteristics 5. Signal Characteristic 6. Blue-pixel Data Each blue pixel's brightness data consists of these 6 bits pixel data. When the signal is high, the pixel data shall be valid to be displayed. These connectors are capable of accommodating the following signals and will be following components. Parameter Symbol Min.